Safeway Program

You can support our parish just by buying your groceries at SAFEWAY.

Safeway offers its customers a way to support the organizations they care about. Our Lady of the Pillar Catholic Church is member organization of this program administered by eScrip. Every time you shop and use your Safeway Club Card to buy groceries, you can be making a contribution to our parish. You simply register your Safeway Club Card and select to support Our Lady of the Pillar. It’s easy! It takes minutes to sign-up and it’s free to you participate.

Once you’ve are registered, Safeway contributes to  Our Lady of the Pillar on each of your qualifying purchases. What may seem a small contribution, when multiplied by many parishioners, can make a big difference. As a parish, we have the opportunity to earn up to $25,000 a year from Safeway’s program. Below is a description of what Safeway pays on your purchases:

1% on monthly qualifying purchases $0—$300

Plus 2% on monthly qualifying purchases between $300—$500

Plus 3% on monthly qualifying purchases between $500—$600

Plus 4% on monthly qualifying purchases above $600